The religion I participated in as a teenager has a period of fasting. Every day from sunrise to sunset you fast from all food and water. For over two weeks.

It's really hard. And there's a point at which you are sitting there, in secular society, and you are hungry, and thirsty, and your body is putting all these demands on you that your higher self does not want to give in to, at least not right now. And some person starts eating, or drinking. And you might not have noticed it, but people really love to express how food and drink make them feel. And it can be really hard to be around, if you are hungry and thirsty.

I was thinking on this tonight, for reasons unconcerned with food, though I found the analogy didn't truly hold up in my current situation. But I realized that the second you start resenting that other person for eating is the moment the fast loses all it's power in your spiritual path.

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Some time ago I did a small working for a spiritual naming, and in the past few months I've received my answer. It feels very private, and I don't really want to tell anyone what it is. But it also feels important and I want to share it, but I'm not sure who I can or should share it with.

I'm not really looking for advice. My plan is to keep it to myself for now.

Subjectivity, and notes from the Animal

Subjectivity renders the harsh lines of the physical world blurry when seen from an individual viewpoint. One person can find great merit in an idea, an object, or a person. Another individual may have an opposite opinion, despite having the same objective evidence to study.

An important mental note I've revisited of late is pretty appearances easily conceal ugly realities.

Another important note that makes navigating a reality full of subjective viewpoints and pretty appearances just a little bit easier is trust your sense of smell.